William M. Hoza
Catholic theorem wielder
About me Hi. I'm a senior at Caltech studying CS and math. I try to understand the extent to which stuff can be figured out. In other words, I'm a quantitative epistemologist (in training). I'm especially interested in computational complexity theory. It's the natural habitat of some of my favorite theorems, like the time hierarchy theorem, IP = PSPACE, and the AKS theorem, as well as some of my favorite open questions, like P vs. NP and L vs. RL.
Research I've authored just one publication: One is plenty though. It gets me an Erdős number of 2, the best I can reasonably hope for. =)
Other textual output Laura Shou and I are writing a book, 101 Illustrated Real Analysis Bedtime Stories. You can read a draft of the first two chapters here.
Video games, etc. I occasionally masquerade as a programmer, in order to provide you with ways to waste your time:
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As for wisdom, where does she come from?
Where is the place of understanding?
She is hidden from the eyes of every living thing;
even from the birds of the air she is concealed.
(Job 28:20-21)