William M. Hoza
Catholic theorem wielder
About Hi. I'm a grad student at UT Austin studying theoretical computer science. I'm generally interested in the extent to which stuff can be figured out. I'm especially interested in computational complexity theory. It's the natural habitat of some of my favorite theorems, like the time hierarchy theorem, the Saks-Zhou theorem, and IP = PSPACE, as well as some of my favorite open questions, like P vs. NP and L vs. RL.
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Philosophical opinions
Political opinions Just in case you read my philosophical opinions and you're still looking for something to disagree with me about :)
  • I support a ban on abortion. I support pro-mother legislation, including government-funded pregnancy centers and legally mandated paid maternity leave.
  • I support repealing the second amendment. In the meantime, I support strict gun control laws that do not violate the second amendment.
  • I support a ban on physician-assisted suicide and other forms of euthanasia.
  • I support extensive government regulations and programs designed to protect the environment.
  • I support a ban on any stem cell research that involves intentionally destroying human embryos.
  • I support a ban on capital punishment.
  • I oppose civil same-sex "marriage" constructs. I recognize that having a homosexual orientation does not mean that you've done anything wrong. I support legislation that protects the LGBT community from unjust discrimination and harrassment. I do my best to be a good ally.
  • I support making it sufficiently easy to legally immigrate to the U.S. that there is essentially no temptation to immigrate here illegally.
  • I am an originalist.
  • I oppose torture. More generally, I oppose almost all violent actions performed by the U.S. military.
  • I support a ban on human cloning.
  • I support expanded welfare programs.
  • I oppose efforts by the NSA to weaken cryptographic software.
Video games, etc. I occasionally masquerade as a programmer, in order to provide you with ways to waste your time:
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As for wisdom, where does she come from?
Where is the place of understanding?
She is hidden from the eyes of every living thing;
even from the birds of the air she is concealed.
(Job 28:20-21)